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It’s a mix of hell and outer space.

how are u going to tell me mermaids dont exist then 

i think this is the creepiest post i’ve ever seen.


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Bitchy Sherlock is my favorite Sherlock.

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My Opinion on
Harry Potter:
To me, Harry Potter is a fandom to be cherished, like a national treasure. I love it and while I go through phases of liking one thing or another, Harry Potter stays there at the top as my classic favourite.
My Opinion on Book/Film and Anime/Manga:
I prefer books over films because the books are the original ideas and many of them get cut out in the film versions. Admittedly, some film renditions are brilliant, as with 'The Hunger Games', however if you fell in love with the book first, it shall always be the form of media that comes first. With anime and manga however, I find myself with a different set of opinions. Manga is basically a series of pictures which tell as story. I understand that it appeals to people, but for me, a book has to be written in text, not in pictures, and images should be made to move to create film - in this instance anime. So I conclude that for me is it
~.~ Book>Film and Anime>Manga. ~.~
I try to keep all my posts tagged correctly. If I'm not in a fandom, the tags won't be as detailed, but I'll still do my best.
Because tagging everything properly takes a great deal of time, I often will simply like every post I want to reblog and then do one big post session later on.
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